Monday, 26 December 2016

Coconut oil is the better solution to get rid of candida fungus

The yeast infection is the inconvenient disease that can develop into the severe level, before it is getting worse it is better for you to prevent or threat it. If you think it is embarrassing to say it in pharmacy or doctor it is better for you to try the home remedies in this case. Have you ever heard about the coconut oil for yeast infection, No? then You can learn more about it here.

Yeast infection is a candida fungal disease and it is cured by home remedy method that is a coconut oil. The Coconut oil is versatile and it can be used as an anti fungal that kill the fungal diseases like yeast infection. The oil contains three acids caprylic acid, capric acid, and lauric acid, three of them are very effective to kill the candida yeast. As the natural antifungal the caprylic acid in the oil contacts to the yeast colonies, it also can stop the growth and replication of yeast.This caprylic acid is the most treatments prescribed by the doctors.

Coconut oil for yeast infection that lead by caprylic acid broke the membrane of the yeast cells and it stops the itch and thrush in the vagina.

What type of coconut oil is good?

Coconut oil really is a saturated fat,but it is a plant based saturated fat and it contains large amount of fatty acids. there is a lot of research from many different countries around the world now,all that validate this as being a very good product to use for fungus,but it also has shown to have antibacterial properties. Make sure when you get coconut oil that you dont get one that's been processed, particularly hydrogenated or heated oil with high temperature. Mostly use virgin coconut oil one that that has minimally processed and damaged.

How to use it to get rid of Yeast infection?

1. Apply it on your skin, make sure that the infected area is clean and dry.
2. Add the oil in to your diet by cooking some items using this oil, dont heat this oil in high temperature.
3. Wash the vagina with the coconut oil.
Do all these things for twice or thrice a day for 3 weeks.

Try to use other natural remedies to cure infection permanently

Is coconut oil is good for yeast infection?
Yes! absolutely its good for health
Coconut oil for vaginal yeast infection

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