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Five best home remedies for a yeast infection

garlic paste
Nearly 75% of all adult women have had at least one yeast infection in their life time. Most of the women face Vaginal genital yeast infection which are caused by candida fungus.
The main symptoms of  Yeast infection are:

1. Itching

2. Burning

3. Swelling

The main causes of  this infection is by uses of antibiotics, weak immune system, hormonal fluctuation, endocrine disorders, intake of oral contraceptives. Here i am giving five best home remedies for yeast infection based on my experience.

1. Garlic

Garlic is the best remedy for itching and burning yeast infection, it has good antibiotic property which fights with candida virus.
How to use: peal garlic cloves and crush it into a paste and wrap it in a piece of clean cloth and tie a string to the cloth.Now put the cloth inside your vagina for 5 hours and after 6 hours replace with a new one, use this remedy for 3-7 days to cure infection.

2. Coconut Oil

Take equal quantity of coconut oil and cinnamon powder and mix this well. now apply this paste on affected area for better result use coconut oil externally on the affected area.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Add 2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water and drink it twice a day for better result

4. Amala Juice

Take 50 ml of amala juice and mix sugar to it and drink it daily for few days to get rid of vaginal itching

5. Cow Milk

Mix 50 ml raw cow milk with 50 ml water and wash the vagina daily twice or thrice a day,it cures vaginal itching in few days.

By following all the above 5 methods ,additionally you have to follow
1. Remove sugar and yeast from your diet 
2. Increase intake of probiotics in your diet
3. Wear cotton panties to absorb moisture

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  1. A few ladies additionally utilize the yeast contamination vinegar douches for better help from the vaginal yeast diseases. are probiotics good for yeast infections